Pest Inspections Townsville

Pest Inspections Servicing Townsville & Surrounding Areas

Termites are highly destructive timber pests and can cause major structural damage to homes and commercial properties in Australia

Damage from timber pests cost Australian home owners millions of dollars in repairs every year. Our fully qualified and licensed inspectors carry out pest and termite inspections conforming to the AS 4349.3 – 1998 Australian Standard, ensuring all areas are inspected for timber pests.

Inspectable areas include:

  • the roof void
  • interior & external timbers
  • sub-floors (where accessible)
  • garages
  • outdoor buildings
  • vents
  • fences
  • and anything within boundary or 50 metres of the property.

We also examine for evidence of any termite management programs and pest control which may have been installed to protect the building against future termite attacks. All of our professional pest control services come at competitive prices and provides real peace of mind.

Why you need professional pest inspection services 

Termites and their nests tend to avoid bright lights and open air locations, so their colonies are usually underground, out of sight or within wooden materials i.e trees and stumps within the yard, wall cavities and roof voids within the home.

This means termite damage is often hidden from sight until infestation has become more severe. A professional pest or termite inspector has the ability to inspect likely areas for damage or infestations.

What happens during a pest inspection?

Our Townsville pest inspectors perform a visual inspection to all accessible areas of the property.

They inspect for signs of termite activity, damage and workings. All findings are included in a detailed pest report along with recommendations for suitable termite treatment plans, either to eradicate the pests, or ensure your home is protected for the future.

A Thermal Imaging Camera is also available as an extra tool to be used on the structure to detect any large termite infestations. 

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