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What is the legal ceiling height for a bedroom in Queensland?

checking the roof measurements

You might have your eye on purchasing that two storey home with the potential for building underneath or perhaps the Queenslander that has been renovated with two extra bedrooms downstairs, however, do these spaces meet legal ceiling height requirements?

Building Code of Australia

According to the Building Code of Australia a habitable room is:

"a room used for normal domestic activities and-

a) includes a bedroom, living room, lounge room, music room, television room, kitchen, dining room, sewing room, study, playroom, family room, home theatre, and sunroom but;

b) excludes a bathroom, laundry, water closet, pantry, walk-in wardrobe, corridor, hallway, lobby, photographic darkroom, clothes drying room, and other spaces of a specialised nature occupied neither frequently nor for extended periods." (NCC BCA Vol Two, 2016)

A habitable room (excluding kitchen) must have a minimum height of 2.4m between the finished floor covering to the underside of ceiling or lowest protrusion of the ceiling.

A Kitchen, laundry, hallway or corridor must be a minimum height of 2.1m.

Any room that does not meet these minimum height requirements would be deemed as a ‘utility room’.

So if you are looking at renovating and building underneath that two storey home you should be thinking about:

  • What floor covering / finish to use
  • Clearance height for plumbing, wiring, structural beams if raising the existing building

If there is any doubt, you should seek further information from your local council.

Get a building inspection

If you're interested in buying a property that has been renovated or want to make sure that the building standards are up to scratch, get a building inspection with TCBPI. Our experienced inspectors will check the ceiling heights and if low ceilings are found, it will be included in your report.